Make Capsules


With as many capsules as I make, personally I wouldn’t be without my capsule machine from Starwest Botanicals. I can make 24 at a time quickly with no muss or fuss making this job easy.

Directions: Reduce herb to powder form using a blender or a coffee grinder (one that has never been used for coffee grinding). Fill the capsule machine with empty capsules, tops in the short side, bottoms in the long side. Scoop the powdered herb into the tray and spread around making sure to get the powdered herb in each capsule. Using the tamping tool, tamp and and add more powder if necessary to fill. Scoop out excess powder. Put top on and press. Remove the top and lock each capsule into place by gently pushing on them. Pop them out and voila. Fills 24 capsules in less than 2 minutes; and automatically joins and ejects the filled capsules.

To purchase empty capsules and capsule maker machine click here: Accessories

TIP: Be sure you are getting the correct capsule for your machine. Empty capsules and capsule makers come in different sizes. Size 0 (approx 450 mg) being the smallest and most common size used. Size 00 (650 mg) is larger and will not fit the size 0 machine. Capsules range in size from 0, 00, 000 and 1.